1939 Alpine Club of Canada Ski Camp in the Eremite Valley

This trip to the Eremite Valley in Jasper Park’s Tonquin area, was possibly Harry’s first ski mountaineering venture to the Canadian Rockies, and likely instilled in him a love of the mountains. He made several more trips to the Rockies over the next few years, some of it photographing troop training during WWII. In 1946, with his wife Gen and young daughter, Daphne, left the security of their careers in Ottawa and moved to Jasper.

Ski trip to the Tonquin Valley

This ski trip, about 1947, may have been to make a ski movie about skiing in the Rockies, especially considering the fashionable clothing the women were wearing. It was based at a cabin close to Amethyst Lake, Jasper National Park. The women, Gen Rowed (Harry’s wife), Doris Kensit and Katie Baxter were Jasper residents, and the clothing suggests this took place in the spring, probably April.