Alpine Club of Canada Ski Camp 1952 at Assiniboine

The plane shown here is a Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser, a 3-seater with the pilot in front and 2 passengers side by side behind. It was owned by Al Gaetz, but was flown by Stu Haines when it crashed on Magog Lake in 1953. Stu didn’t have enough speed to take off properly, causing him to crash, damaging the prop, wing and gear. Before they could bring in the parts for repair, the ice melted, and the plane is still at the bottom of the lake.

Al Gaetz was killed in a truck accident (probably 1954) on the highway a few km west of Banff. It was icy, he missed a corner, was thrown out of the cab, and the truck rolled over him.

Thanks to Jim Davies for this information.

The last photo in this gallery is a photo of a page from Weekend Magazine from February 1953. Fortunately Harry Rowed kept many of his clippings and these are a valuable resource to identify people, dates, locations and events. This was an Alpine Club of Canada trip. Some of the people identified here are Elizabeth Rummel, Rex Gibson, Dorothy Allan, Pat Boswell and Murray Snively.